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My once 3lb baby is now the BIG Sister!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Big sisters help give their babies a bath

Sometimes big sisters forget to wring out their wash cloths and get more wet than the baby...

She says the sweetest things to her like, "Don't worry Greta, we're here," when she cries.
So interested in giving the baby a nuk
Get that spit up out of her neck...Auntie Jessica warned us that could stink if you forget about it. 

Washing her hair

Big Sis, Little Sis

Family Self-Portrait

"Cutting Play-Doh"

Mama's proud of these fine motor skills

And even prouder of her wild imagination that is developing...These are her strawberries and bread, or was it her lions and boats?

Showing Baby Greta how rattles work

Greta Marie Rolig

Thursday, January 24, 2013
It's a GIRL!!!  
We are so in love.

Greta Marie Rolig
January 16th, 2013
7lbs, 7oz.
20 1/4 inches


38 Weeks and Counting...

Saturday, January 5, 2013
Baby Rolig #2 is fast approaching!  Somehow we hadn't had a single blog post since right about the time that I got pregnant with this little babe.  Huh, wonder how that happened (the lack of blog posting that is, not the pregnancy part)?  While my pregnancy with Ingrid was better documented, we are far more prepared this time around! 

Things that are different this time:
  • The obvious fact that we already are parents and have collected baby gear.  We didn't even have a car seat when Ingrid was born!
  • We were able to take birth classes.
  • We picked out a "take home" outfit.
  • We've packed our bag for the hospital
  • We've actually filled out Leave of Absence forms at work and had time to be approved!
  • Most importantly, I'm now 5 weeks further along than when Ingrid was born and still no signs of pre-eclampsia.  We're not in the clear until this little one is born so keep us in your prayers the next couple weeks! 

Holiday Wrap-Up

A pre-holiday visit to Great-Grandma Carlson's.

Baking with Great Grandma and Great Aunt Pat

Kevin and Grandma
Sporting a vintage dress of Mommy's for Thanksgiving.
Trying to coordinate Rolig cousins for Grandma Bonnie and Grandpa Jack's Christmas picture.
Grandma Joan and Grandpa Doug's cookie baking birthday party.
Our new sweet little niece, Isla, enjoying her first holiday season.

Ingrid asked Santa for ice skates and paper chains.

Learning to skate.

Dinner at Grandpa and Grandma's.

New Year's Eve with good friends!

Grandma Anderson

 On December 7th, we said goodbye to the matriarch of the Andersons.  My grandma, Maxine Anderson, was a gentle, classy lady who loved her family deeply.  Alzheimer's Disease robbed her of her golden years, but no doubt she lived plenty of good ones before that. 
I was lucky enough to have my grandparents live in my neighborhood growing up.  They were just a bike ride away if we ever needed them.  Although Grandma was the biggest worry-wort you've ever met and probably hated the fact that we were allowed to bike down the streets to their house alone, we did it anyway.  Grandma always fed us big meals and forced carrots and milk down our throats so we would grow strong.  She also showed up to our house with homemade cookies in recycled coffee cans.  She wore high heels and a string of beads on a regular basis.  She was a bridge champion, expert at rosemalling, gardener, world traveler, cross-word puzzle wiz, college graduate, and most importantly a loving and devoted wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother.  When we introduced her to Ingrid she no longer had words and rarely opened her eyes except for Grandpa, but some how managed to inch her hand closer to her first great-grandchild. 
It should not go without being mentioned that Grandma (& Grandpa) were there for me, my brother and dad during our greatest time of need- while my mom was sick with cancer and the delicate years after her passing.  Countless rides, caregiving and meals were given.  Much later I had the chance to repay some of that to them by helping care for Grandma in her earlier stages of Alzheimer's.  I spent a few summers with Grandma allowing my grandpa the chance to get out and play bridge and take care of his own health.  I'm thankful for that time as I got to know another part of her.  She loved to sing and dance and let you know she was boss (total backseat driver!).  We went all over town shopping  and holding hands (she also became a great escape artist).  One thing that was very clear during that time was how important her family was to her.  She always wanted to know where her babies grandbabies were.  As the years passed, she slowly forgot all of our names, but she held on to Gordy's (my grandpa) name the longest.  

Rest in peace sweet Grandma.  We love you. 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Horsey ride!
Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Milk or water? How about both!